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Edit: it wouldn’t let me delete, I found it just after posting.I was looking for a quick run history of all the flows I've been testing lately. I can't seem to find a History or Log of all the different Flows that have run. Am I missing something obv...
That's what I ended up doing. I'll just run two separate flows, one to remove the tag once the order is shipped (this is to track back orders) and then the original flow to set the tags where appropriate.
I need to perform an action when a particular tag is attached to an order. Initially I wanted to trigger on a schedule and then target orders containing a certain tag. This doesn't seem to be possible. My 2nd idea was to trigger the flow when a certa...
I did actually figure out that I could filter the results by SKU and that made it easier. Some of our products have a ton of variants so often getting to the right product is only half the battle. Is there any syntax that I could use in the search fi...
When I’m creating a draft order and search for a product, I enter THE EXACT SPECIFIC VARIANT SKU into the field and it still returns a bunch of different products and variants. The SKU number is not used anywhere else on the site and there are no dup...
Well, it’s 18 months later and I found this thread because the issue is still happening. That’s kind of pathetic. How do we tag a Shopify person here? Edit: found a couple of names, let’s see if this works. @Erin @Blair 
Understood, thanks.
Got it, thanks for the quick reply. Just for future reference, is there any way to raise that limit (maybe through a subscription add-on or something)?
Hi, When creating an Order Flow I see the maximum order number is 100. Is that the maximum number of results or the maximum number of orders that will be queried? We average over 100 orders a day and I'm creating a flow to tag backorders. So, would I...
Just so many basic functions that Shopify ignores for their customers in favor of the "new shiny" feature of the month.
This still seems to be an issue.
Very interested in how this account rep thinks it can be done.
I'm sorry, how is "apply this box size to this product tag" complex?
Check out the Matrixify app for Shopify. It allows you to export your products to Excel, add SKUs where needed, and import it back to update the product listings. I’m about to start a project doing exactly that for a few thousand products and am SO H...
It's been years and there are still the same basic columns. If Shopify is not going to do anything they need to tell us.
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