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Thank you! Needed this. 
This works but is there anyway to have this code added in the Custom CSS area of the section instead of the theme.liquid file. Would like to keep it here if possible as to not forget if I ever need to adjust it. 
Didn't work still bold.
Want to change only the announcement bar font and weight.  Font: source sans proWeight: regular This is what I've added but the weight is still bold, it wont change to regular. p.announcement-bar__message.h5 {font-family: "Source Sans Pro", sans-seri...
Every time I add something to my store, its in black and I have to manually add code to use another color. Is there a way to remove this override? I wanted my button text black but I still want to have the freedom to make other things different color...
I had an issue earlier with text on my site and had some rules added but now they're overriding other apps... I have Klaviyo buttons that should have white text but it has black. Can someone help me fix this? Also, is there someway to stop this from ...
All the footer pages to be normal font instead of semi-bold but to keep the formatting used when setting up the pages in the admin console (i.e. bold specific words). Also to make the font a little smaller. The font being used is fine. 
How can I use a different font for only the pages at the footer of my store (i.e. privacy policy, terms, refunds, etc.) Right now everything is bold. Would like for everything to have the formatting I used when I set up these pages but it's being ove...
You're awesome!!!
The theme (refresh) font is keeping this specific phrase bold, but I want to change it to regular font. If I change the theme font, all my other font changes which isn't what I need.  airrishop.myshopify.compw: Airri Shop
I used "image banner" inside the template. 
I'm using Refresh theme, but I just made a change to keep the button in a separate image banner. I thought of a work around. I originally had the button and image together. I'd be willing to change it back if the responsive image banner can be made f...
Incredible! Thanks for your help!!
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