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This was solved outside of this post, Thanks for the help!
Hello, i have followed THIS video in order to add Images to my Header Menu Items.This works fine, but some of the Links in my header are just that-.. Links, and they currently show a Stock Image (No IMG). I need exact instructions / code on how to re...
Thank you for your reply, unfortunately i cant figure out Where and What to code to fix this. I followed this tutorial to add my Images to the header: I THINK the place where i need to add this 'control flo...
 Here is what it looks like
Hello I have images connected to my Header Menu with the use of Metafields.However, some menu items in my header are Direct Links and do not have an image attatched to it.This automatically makes these menu items show a stock image that says ( No IMG...
ill make it easier, here is my site just look at the Community and MSI sections in the Header Menu
Im a little confused, i'm using Shopify i dont even know what Wordpress is 
I rather not download any apps, it should be possible to do this fully from Settings > Custom Data >  and by adding some Code to my Theme if im correct. My Metaobjects already contain options for: Products Variants Collections Customers Orders Draft ...
No Apps please, i've been doing everything coding so i'd like to fix this last issue the same way.
By the way: I use Dawn Theme, and added images to my collections/pages in the header using Metafields.The easiest way to help me is to explain, if possible, how to add a Metafield for images to: Navigation > Menu > Edit Menu Item
Dear Shopify, I've recently followed a guide on how to add Images to my Header Menu, which worked fine.However-.. I cant figure out how to add Images to 'Links', as in menu items that are not collections, pages but simply link to another external sit...
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