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Bio: Anytime, getting more visitors and making more sales are big deals for online stores, and that's what SEOAnt is all about. 🚀 We promise to give you ...

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My pleasure! Hope the suggestion is helpful for you.
Hi, @BlueElephant This area of the homepage is blocked, it would be better if we can see the products underneath. I use "pagespeed.web" test your website, your website's speed performance is good overall, though mobile speed could be improved. We sug...
Suggest you check if you have linked Instagram and Facebook to other developer stores or other stores.Also, have you connected Instagram and Facebook to other stores in the backend public homepage?
Hi, @rupinderup1 Uninstalling and then reinstalling the same Shopify app typically does not remove your store's products, orders, or content. However, the specific behavior can depend on the app and how it handles data during the uninstall process. H...
Hi, Tori9, the keyword tool in SEOAnt can help you with this, you can add or import the keywords you need to the pages you need in the competitor's keyword function. Use “boost sales” coupon code to get a 40% off.      
Hi Nomo@Official_NOMO wrote:HI Community, Does anyone have an easy how to guide in understanding the meta objects and seo  I am struggling to wrap my head around, I know once its explained in the right way I will get it and be able to use it effectiv...
Hi, ARPRO@ARPRO wrote:Hello! Today I opened my site to the public by removing the password. I searched my site on Google to see if the SEO is how I set it up, but it is still showing the old SEO that was before. Will it eventually update or what do I...
For Shopify beginners, we need to save time on prep so we have more time to think about strategy. For example, what do I need to focus on optimizing? How can we shorten the time for uploading and optimizing the listings? What tools are available to h...
Hi, Barato@barato23 wrote:Seeking Valuable SEO Advice for Shopify Startups!Hey folks!I am just a newbie in Shopify store with no sales at all and diving into the SEO world. This is my website any one help me where to star...
Hi, Tayloa@Tayloa wrote:Hey everybody, I know it's a bit less related to Shopify directly, but I'm looking for the best SEO tool for our hair care brand. We mostly target the U.S. audience for hair loss (women).  I was recommended Semrush, Screamingf...
Hi, Jack@JakeT1 wrote:Hi, I've just finished making my website and was looking for any useful tips on how to boost my SEO and traffic towards my website. All help is much appreciated, thank you!Improving your website's SEO and increasing traffic invo...
URL optimization is a basical part of SEO and should be varied depending on specific situations. Changing URLs of high-ranking pages can harm their SEO, as search engines need time to reindex the new URLs. If you decide to optimize URLs, ensure they...
As for Shop SEO, we need to focus on two aspects: the SEO of our own store and the SEO of our competitors' stores. This is precisely what SEOAnt excels at.Based on everyone's recommendations, you are probably already familiar with some Shopify SEO to...
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