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@edlion-studio my website is
@edlion-studio where do I input this?
@edlion-studio what do you mean? 
@edlion-studio if you paste here what to do, I will input it myself, thank you 
Hi, please could someone help. I am using Dawn theme and want to change my icon to the photo below, can anyone help me with how this can be done? Can I input some custom code? Thanks!  
@theycallmemakka thanks so much! Really appreciate it, it has worked.
@theycallmemakka Hi thank you so much for this response, the text now shows but it should be a black button white text, like in my photo below. Please can you help with this?  
@edlion-studio if you input the code here I can do it myself which is better as it is my website and I need to know all edits
@edlion-studio Hi I make all the edits to my website myself, so I know everything that has been changed. Usually people put code here that I can then put in myself 
@BSSCommerce-B2B Hi this changes all my buttons to solid black so does not work, how can we make it to only change the checkout one? 
@edlion-studio Thank you it is,
The text on my checkout pop up when you an add an item is not showing the text. The button works but you cannot see the words, please can someone help! I have no idea why this is. The below image is how it is showing 
@mrashid please could you paste it in the code format so I can copy it and paste it into that section? Right now if I copy and paste was you have written it pastes in a straight line and does not work, rather than like in the screenshot where it is s...
@mrashid the page name is Contact
@mrashid thank you, I will wait 5 minutes 
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