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I believe you have 3 options:Either create a custom app utilizing Shopify's API,You can use a pre-existing app of which I'm sure there are many that handle this,You can do it manually once you export and fill in the data yourself.Hope that helps, all...
You likely need to look into your google merchant centre instead, but that's just a hunch 
This isn't something that can be done out of the box. It gets really complicated if you want to code it yourself so it might be easier to use pre-existing apps. You'd need a product metafield, a webhook or flow (now that we can access metafields in f...
This might seem like a bit of a hack but if your Unless statement is working for you I think you can just use an OR operator. This would get a bit much if you kept adding templates but for a couple it should be good:{% unless template == "page.opt-in...
You would need to edit your CSS. You can either edit what already exists in the style sheet. You could add custom CSS to each component in the template, or you could apply the custom CSS inside the code for the specific page.If you share your URL you...
Its all there for me, using Firefox and Chrome, latest versions
Looks like you already know what you're doing so I'll point you in the right direction. You just need a media query in your CSS. You can read about them here from w3 schools: you set wh...
Hey @OCEANL Follow these Steps:1) Go to Online Store2) Edit Code3) Find theme.liquid file4) Add the following code in the bottom of the file above </body> tag <style>.password-header {display: flex;flex-direction: column;}</style> If that doesn't com...
This is definitely easiest with an app from the Shopify app store unless you have some good experience with code
If you'd like to DM with your URL and collaborator password i'd be glad to jump on and see what you're working with.You can find this Under settings -> Users and permissions
Hi @Solomond ,You would absolutely have access to Compare-at-price. Where the images of your t-shirts are in your screenshot, if you click into each variant you will find the ability to change the pricing, including compare-at-price.I would however r...
This could definitely be built as a custom component if you know how. Not something anyone would likely just give you code for as it's pretty complicated.I'd recommend finding an app or hiring a partner
You can change the CSS of the header container. You would either need to amend the margin or the padding. 
I'm struggling to understand exactly what you're asking. You've created a widget? What do you mean by that exactly?
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