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Hello,How can I change my product currency back to Euro?It was in Euro all the time until suddenly it changed to USD. It supposed to be €24,99I've checked the settings of my store and from Printful (where I create my products) and everything seem to ...
Nice, this actually works!!Its weird why the animation works after the second try.But overall, its working very well.Thank you! 
Hello everyone,So, I always hated the drawer menu animation in Dawn theme and I've tried so many codes and none of them worked.The only thing I know how to do is to remove the animation but not modifying it.I want it to have a fade-in and out animati...
This code doesn't work.I think there is something that has to do with the Drawer Menu code position.Maybe the code for the Drawer Menu has to go above the Header code so it covers the Header when opened?
Hello.How can I make the Drawer Menu open like the Cart Drawer?I want the Menu Drawer to cover the Header when opening to prevent the border of the Header to go through the Menu Drawer. See image
Here, add this code under </div> were the </button> code is located (or just search for </button>) in main-cart-footer.liquid to have the icons under the checkout buttonor under {{ 'sections.cart.checkout' | t }} to have them inside the checkout butt...
Hello,Sorry for the delay.Yes, but I don't want the trash icon, I want text that says " REMOVE"Also, if it's possible to add the quantity selector on the right side like this.This is basically my final cart drawer design.I will really appreciate it i...
Sorry for the late reply.I've redesigned the cart drawer and now I just need a "Remove" text under the product.Like
Hello.So, I recently changed my cart drawer style and added custom code, but I don't like the way the quantity selector and delete icon location.Can someone help me find a way to place them as it shows in the image?Or just remove the extra space.Than...
It works very well! Thank you very much for your help.
Hello,How can I make the spacing between the lines little, smaller?Basically, I want the description to be more
I've made some changes to the banner and removed the line. Thank you for your help!
It's still there. The image is not the problem.There is something like a shadow or a border behind that section that shows this line.Maybe because I made the whole banner clickable recently? It thinks it's a button.
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