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Sure, here you are: stiald
Hi @sahilsharma9515 , So close, This is what I now get (mostly good, but now have white bars on left and right)  Any way to get rid of those? Thanks
Is there a way to change the default template it uses. I dont haver the background color set to white in any template that I am aware of Understand you cant edit the checkout page without Plus, but would have hoped it would take the defaults from the...
Does anyone know how to change the background of the policy pop ups in checkout and retain the polices formatting? My policy pages, shipping etc looks fine when viewed om the main site (retain their heading formatting and the page background colour)....
Have enabled customer logins and the new login icon that appears in the header is not in line with the search icon or basket icon  Does anyone know how I can add a bit of padding to the bottom of this to make all 3 line up? Thanks  Site details:https...
Modified to this, as couldnt see icon size change .icon-with-text__item span {display: none;}.icon-with-text__item img {width: 80px !important;height: auto !important;} Works great, thanks  
Hi there, On my product pages I have an Icon With Text Block, where I want to show 3 x image badges However I cant see a way to remove the text and make the 3 x images larger to fill the section (as my images already contain text).  Any ideas? Store ... stiald Thanks stiald Thanks
Hi there, The "Featured Collection" section has an option for an outline button,   However, the "Collection List" section doesn't: I would like them to match. I have tried adding the below to custom css of the section and whilst it appears to visuall...
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