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Thank you, so i must place this in the price.liquid? I'm using the Expanse theme.But i'm not able to get this to work... For now i want to use it in the standaard product template > which name should be "product" > but how can i double check that?
Ok clear. Is there any possibility that you can provide an example code ? Thanks, 
Hello, I need to remove the decimals of the price on the product page. So "45,-" instead of 45,00. I only want to do this on some of my product templates and not the whole store. So preferably with custom css on the product page it self. Theme code c...
Hi again, So this script won't align the text to the center:h2.h3.rte--block {position: absolute !important;top: 15px !important;text-align: center;} Can you help again pls?
thanks it works in css on the element as well.Now to center the text adding "text-align: center;" does not to the trick.How can do that?And changing the font weight? Or bold? Thanks!
Hello, thanks for your reply. Sorry but i can't give you access since i'm not the owner.
Hi, Thanks. Pls check the preview:
Within the Expanse Theme > In the element "Text colums with images" the title is displayed underneed the image standard. Is there a way to position the title above the image? With custom CSS directly in the ellement (prefered), or in the theme code? 
thanks a lot!
Ok clear, and adding a new icon is jus a matter of making a new element and adding that pcs of code to the main code?
sorry i don't understand what to do. i can'd find that peace of code. i can find this element
Hi, ok clear.I got to that part in the code. What kind of file do we need of the icon. SVG? {"value": "stopwatch","label": "t:common.text_with_icons.blocks.column.settings.icon.options.stopwatch.label"},
Hi, thx for your reply. Sorry but you have to guide me a little more. What option do you mean?
Hello, how can i add custom icons designed myself to the "text colums with icons" section? 
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