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Hello @kellerman2009  I think you may have to add product tag to show new badge. If it is still not working please reach me with your store URL and password if any. I have to look for this in more depth.
Hello @gcals I think you are looking for additional product option in which user can select or add engraving option similar to this https://stunningselection.com/products/titanium-medical-id-bracelet-2 If you are looking for this type of engraving op...
Hello @illusiontorn  Please add below CSS.product__info { padding-left: 35px; }
Hello, TO achieve this there are two ways 1.First You can use app2. You can display page based on the customer tags and this needs to be hard coded. And I have expertise in that I have done this for one of my B2B sites. More Info available  in signat...
Can you explain what do you want to change?
Hello @JoeyRoo  Please add this CSS in your header sectiona[title="Sale"] { font-weight: 800; }
You Can try this App:- https://apps.shopify.com/wholesale-samiIf this didn't work as you need then please let me know I will suggest another   
Hello @KimGottwald  Can you please share your Store URL and password if it is password protected? 
You can create different product template for different button color and then assign the product template to its respective prodcuct
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