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 Hi, someone please help. I was watching some of the recordings through Microsoft clarity and discovered that customers got a message saying “Checkout is currently unavailable due to technical problems. Please try again in a few minutes”. This occurr...
Hi guys, I'm having a lot of problems with facebook overreporting conversions when they never happened. For example, Facebook will say I have 6 store purchases when I only had 1 and so on. This is messing up my data and roas. My pixel is set up alrea...
The review code didn't work either. In assets, I have these 3:  which one do i paste it in?
 I can not figure out where "Add Section > Find Custom-Liquid add on it. " is. I am on the product page and see this:  
 Hi, I have 2 issues with my product pages on my store and need some help! 1. On desktop view, the product description is tucked on the right side of the page. I want it to be in the middle of the page instead so it’s wider and easier to read.2. My r...
We are currently facing a technical issue with our Shopify store that is specifically affecting users on Apple mobile devices. When these users browse products on their mobiles and attempt to return to the previous page by hitting the back button, th...
Please help, I don’t know what happened but recently I’m getting a pixel error on Facebook/Meta Ads. It says there’s an issue AND the ads show that there are multiple purchases for the day even though there’s only been 1 purchase today. I think this ...
This is a screenshot from a different site, how can I add this to my site? Is it an app? 
I have messaged you for help, thank you.
When I click on my product, it automatically shows the picture of the first variant. How do I change it so that it shows the first picture in my product gallery instead of the first variant picture? Please help, thank you
Hi guys, currently in the process of setting up my store on Google Merchant and resolved most errors except for this one. "Duplicate field brand". I searched "brand" in all of my code in products and couldn't find it anywhere. Anyone know the solutio...
This worked! Thank you so much 
I did this and it did not do anything to the background color.
the color of the blue/green announcement bar on top
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