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Hello, Kindly requesting assistance to add the Wishlist Plus launch point (heart icon) to my header menu. I have followed the steps provided by swym ( but h...
Hi @BSSCommerce-B2B , Thank you for you response. I have tried deleting the line you have highlighter and it has come up with an error message.
Hello, Can someone please assist me in editing the code for my 'Customer contact' email. I would like to remove (or edit) the text below logo that reads 'Welcome to our shop, hope you enjoyed the experience' but I can not locate it in the code. Thank...
My apologies @Darshanp712, new link below.
Hi @Darshanp712, please see link below for website preview.
Thanks for your help. If I could ask one more question please - could you assist me to make the font size on the trust indicators a bit smaller?For example: 'Free shipping and returns', 'Secure online payments' and 'Here to help' TIA
Thanks @Moeed this has worked to remove the button as requested. However, it is now not aligned with the left and right trust indicators. Is it possible to fix this to have the 3 aligned?
Hi @Moeed , I do not want to remove the trust indicator, just the button that says 'learn more' below secure online payments.
Hello, Could someone please help me to remove the button from one of my trust indicators. Website preview: I would like to remove the button from 'Secure online payments' only.  Thank you in adv...
Thanks @dws_pvt_ltd . Appreciate the assistance.
Hi all, Could someone please assist me in removing the underlining from my announcement bar links (Sahara theme). Website preview: I have tried the below but unfortunately neither worked..announ...
Thanks @Team_OSC , I have a solution above.
Perfect @ZestardTech . Thank you! Are you able to tell me how to remove the button from the 'Secure online payments' trust indicator please?
Hello, Is it possible to change the size of the trust indicator icon? For example on my home page I have added SVG codes for icons but would like them to be a bit bigger. Website preview: SVG co...
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