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Sorry for the delay, the page is Thank you Terence!
Following up on this, can you please advise? Thank you!!
Hi! Thanks for your response.  We cleared our cache but nothing yet. We are seeing this error even on other devices. Can you share more information on the 2nd step you suggested?
Hello Dan, Yes I did. It's been there for months and was working properly. However, it recently disappeared.  
Hello, My favicon for my site ( disappeared on chrome and google. I resized the original image to 32x32 and hoping for a quick resolution.  I also checked the code and it seems like it's correct. Please help asap! Thanks so much,MM ...
Hello! I had my favicon working for months and now it's gone. I checked the code and it's there. Can you please advise? Thank you so much!
Hi @Sam_itz , Did you ever figure this out? We built an app that displayed our order info in the easiest way possible for our farm to process orders but it crashes every time we try to lift the limit of ~100. Please let me know!
Hi! I am getting an error when sharing a screenshot " The file type (.png) is not supported. Valid file types are: csv." However, if you go to, you can see the text I currently have on multiple lines because of the weirdness with sp...
Hi! I signed a deal with UPS and because we sell flowers, the delivery date that customers choose when checking out is extremely important for us to respect to avoid the flowers wilting. Because of this, we made an app so that with Shopify order data...
Hello, The homepage banner carousel text on my Dawn Theme site is too close to one another. It looks like there is no or tiny space between the words. I am using <br> to create new lines in the meantime, but can you provide the CSS coding I need to a...
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