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hey, do u know how  can re-add the 'Header' section as i accidentally deleted it?
i deleted my header a few days ago, but now i realized i want it back as i want to put my logo on the top middle. as u can see in the image below i have no 'Header' tab
i'd like to know how i can add my logo to the top of every page except for the home page. i know this is an automatic feature that is under the 'Header' tab. but i have deleted it. an example image is below
didn't work.. the button and image is not under 'Header' it's under 'Template'
site's not up yet. could you please give me a solution to this?
surely it can't be that hard right? please assist me step by step. i just want to align everything to the center and middle of the page for all devices.
this is how my page looks on mobile and as u can see it isn't aligned, and also for desktop there's a bit of a scrolling feature, i want it to be perfect fit perfectly in the middle for all devices, please help i'm a beginner with not much experience...
my main question is to get my logo on top of the [ENTER] button or in other words i'd like a 'Heading' for my button but i would like the heading to be an image instead of text
the first page that pops up when they enter the site, so probably the home page i assume.
i have been looking everywhere but i just  cant seem to find the answer, i would like to know how i can make something like the image below. with my brand logo and an enter page to my products while the whole screen fits perfectly for each device, i ...
any updates?? ive been searching everywhere on how to create this. with my logo as im a beginner, please make this simple for me.
how do i change it from text on top of the button to my brand logo on top of the button.
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