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Ever since we switched over to Shopify POS we have had trouble with our printer just randomly stopping throughout the day- We have to shut everything down, restart, reconnect, and then it seems to work again. However, this happens at least once a day...
Hello! Glad to know we are not the only ones!Yes, please let me know if you if out anything, and I will do the same!Could you by chance send me that phone number you came across? My email is you can just send it to me directly ...
We are having issues with our QuickBooks connector app since we switched to the new version of quickbooks enterprise... Shopify is still trying to talk to the old version.  Can anyone help us, neither intuit or shopify have been any help.
I don't have a WhatsApp number. Can you post the possible solution here
Okay, we honestly haven't done much of anything as we have trouble with one thing or another since we switched to shopify POS earlier this year...RIGHT NOW  we are trying to re-do the integration but as I said Shopify keeps trying to talk to the old ...
I am, what does marketing have to do with it? I just need someone who can help me with Shopify integration to QuickBooks desktop
That would be great,  I'm open to any suggestions. 
We migrated over to shopify earlier this year- not a painless process and we are still having issues. We recently upgraded our Quickbooks Enterprise to 24.0 version. Unfortunately, our Quickbooks Connector app is still talking to the old version even...
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