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Hello @kavipoetryart, In order for us to be better able to help you locate the h1 AND h2 tags in the template, kindly share the URL of your store with us. Thanks.
Hello @Paco77 , In order to preserve the video background on the homepage while removing it from other pages, you will probably need to make changes to the HTML or Liquid code in your Shopify theme. Find the code that displays the video background, a...
Hello @kavipoetryart , You must alter the HTML code of your home page template to remove the existing H1 and H2 tags from your website. Locate the <h1> and <h2>  and tags in the template, delete these lines of code, and then add a new <h1> tag with t...
Hi @sojukun,  I understand your concern and am confident that I can help you. However, in order to support you more effectively, I need more information, so please provide more details and let's get this resolved. Thanks.
Hello @Uma489 , In the event that the material on your website is dynamic, you may require a system that creates breadcrumbs automatically based on where the current page is located within the site hierarchy. Languages for server-side scripting, like...
Hello @eeaustin2016 , In order to preserve the large featured image on the blog grid and remove it from the top of the article, you usually need to make changes to the design or CSS of your website or blogging platform. Examine the HTML structure of ...
Hello @vvyan Sure! You can change the box shadow color of elements using CSS. If you want to use an RGBA value for the shadow color, you can specify it like this: .element {box-shadow: 0 0 10px rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.5);}  0 0 10px indicates the shadow's ...
Hello @MensEssential  I understand the issue at hand. Please implement the following code to have textbox corners rounded on landing. You can add code by following these steps1. Go to Online Store -> Theme -> Edit code.2. Open your theme.liquid file3...
Hi there, @MedusaS  In order for us to better assist you, could you please let us know which page you are experiencing this issue on? If possible, please share a screenshot of the issue with us as well. Thank you.
Helllo @xnyjyh , You will need to look at the HTML code of your product page to determine the ID of the particular Icon With Text block whose background colour you wish to modify. You must search for an ID attribute of the symbol with the text block ...
Hello @Avvoyer ,  I understand your concern and you need to employ CSS .To give an element rounded corners, apply this class rounded-box to it.
Hello @AlikDaniev I understand your concern. To fix this, simply find the CSS file that you are using for the main menu. This file is commonly named theme.scss.liquid, styles.scss.liquid, or a similar name. Next, you must add a CSS rule to the main m...
Hello @rajendra13 I understand your worry. Could you kindly share your Shopify store password with us so that we can better assist you with this? 
Hello @Jerry41  You may need to add some JavaScript and modify the HTML structure of your slideshow in order to make the entire image clickable rather than just a button.
Hello @smsigroup It usually requires editing your theme's code to change the "Sale" word on the product page to show a percentage Usually, this is in a file called product.liquid or product-template.liquid. You must edit the code to change the phrase...
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