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Great, thank you! How do I implement the change?
Close. We're looking to move as much functionality off of Squarespace as possible. Here's our current contact form. Very simple:
I'd like to add more fields to the contact form but can't figure out: 1. How to do that.2. Where the form responses go. We're using the Dawn theme. Any help is appreciated!
Hey Sam. Would love to chat with you about this if you have some time. Any interest?
Where is the more options link? I'm not seeing it. Thanks!
I'm migrating a site away from Squarespace to Shopify that has more than 2,000 blog posts with more than 100 tags across the site.  I'm not sure that the native Shopify blog in the Dawn theme is going to meet the needs of user search (text and tag) a...
What's the best way to handle dynamic shipping on a product with a digital and physical variant?  The product has digital and physical components. We only want one product listing, but only want to charge shipping on the physical variant.  We're usin...
I created a new store in shopify to replace the store I had on Squarespace.   It's on a subdomain I manage my DNS through Squarespace.  I would like the shop subdomain to be the primary domain, with the current Squaresp...
That's the end result... can you help me understand how to do that? Is it one product? Do I need to have separate products for each trim? Other?
The best analogy would be a car that has different trim packages. EG: Bronze Package = $100, Silver Package = $200, Gold Package = $300.
That's helpful, thank you! I'm not great at coding so I used ChatGPT... does this look correct to you? The title of the product is "Estate Preparation Package" Thanks! <!-- Add the section for the estate preparation package -->{% assign estate_prepar...
How do I customize order confirmation emails per product? For example, after someone orders a product, we need to send them a link to a webpage to provide additional information. Thanks!
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