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1. Get rid of the image slider. Research shows they don't help and can actually hurt your conversion rate. 2. I only see 1 product for sale and the website is not optimized to sell it. It looks like you're supposed to sell a lot of things.  
I really feel like you need some social proof, preferably multiple kinds. If you google social proof conversion factors you'll find a lot of ideas. Help your audience feel like they're going to be part of the cool crowd by buying your product. 
It's not immediately clear what you sell, who it's for, and why someone should buy it. I was 3 screens in before I saw you sell bikinis, but still had no idea why anyone should want these bikinis versus any other bikini. 4th screen is generic descrip...
This doesn't solve the problem, which is to show all blogs programatically. Without being able to iterate all blogs, it means every time I add a blog I would have to go update templates manually. I assume Shopify intended this to be something you'd s...
Doesn't work… the blogs object only allows you to retrieve a blog by specific handle. It won't allow me to loop through them. 
I'm trying to list all blogs on my site with liquid, something like: {% for blog in blogs %} <h2>{{ blog.title }}</h2> {% endfor %}But this doesn't seem to work. Is there any way to do this?
It varies. I would like to use the API to change them programmatically. So, 1 to n images. Can you tell me how to do it?
In the Shopify web interface we can change the URL handle of uploaded images. Is there any way to do this from the API? 
I'm attempting to use the PHP API Library. Is there anything in the documentation that gives a complete example from start to finish of how to do something? Everything seems to be in pieces missing crucial context for getting the examples given to ac...
Hello, I'm looking to write some utility scripts that I run on my local machine to automate some shop tasks. I can access the API directly via CURL just fine. But I'm trying to set up the Shopify API library at
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