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Its still the same size... 
Hello,  Is there a way to make these pictures fullsize on dawn theme?  Im trying to convert from Debut Theme to Dawn Theme. Website: //Rasmus
Hello, i have now added 2 pictures of each color, but It still dosen´t only show "black" when im pressing the black variant. //Rasmus 
I can't seem to add more images than one.I have changed the alt text til "Black" or "White", but it still don´t change when choosing a specific color //Rasmus 
Hello,  I was wondering if there was a way to only show "black" pictures when choosing the color black, via "alt name" maybe? Or just a way to add more than one picture to each variant? Website:
 Hello, im having trouble with adding a custom made cart to my shopping cart icon.  When im trying to convert the svg file into a code I get this one: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><svg id="Lag_1" data-name="Lag 1" xmlns="
Hello,  When im trying to change my Shoppingcart icon to this svg: <svg id="Lag_1" data-name="Lag 1" xmlns="" version="1.1" viewBox="0 0 18.5 18.2"><defs><style>.cls-1 {fill: none;stroke: #000;stroke-miterlimit: 10;}</style>... ponyplay ponyplay
Hello, Is there a way to like add an image "Here"? And the image will just be show beneath the contact form on mobile  //Rasmus 
Ty so much! //Rasmus
Hello, Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my add to cart? Link to website: ponyplay  Dear regards //Rasmus
Do u know what kind of code it is?  And I can't seem to find what u mean:
Hello, Could anyone pls help me with redesigning this website? I want to have the "Blogpost search bar" on dawn theme, could anyone provide me with the code? And if possible I want to center the heading aswell + making a 3 collum blogpage. Link to ol...
TY!! Working! Have a good day!
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