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Hi @Moeed ,  Thank you very much for the help! This is exactly what I needed. However, can you please let me know what is the difference between using section #shopify-section-template and div #shopify-section-template while denoting the class that n...
Hi there, As mentioned in the title, I need help removing a few gaps between the sections on the home page of The padding on all the sections is set to zero, however, it still has a gap that I can't seem to reduce. I ...
hi there, Thank you for taking the time to help me solve this. However, the comment above helped to fix the error by removing a code from man-login.liquid I really appreciate your effort in trying to help me. Thank you!
it worked! thank you very much! really appreciate the help! 
I just dm'ed you the code. Really appreciate your help. thank you. 
hi there, Thank you for the response.  however, adding the snippet at the bottom of base.css doesn't still add a register now button, what might be causing the issue?    
Hi there,  As the title mentions, the login page doesn't show the account 'create account' button on the login page on mobile devices. However, it is visible while browsing from a desktop. How do I solve this?Link:
Hi @Made4uo-Ribe, Thanks for the response. The text has aligned with the ribbon, however, could you suggest a string to adjust the font size within the same code?Thanks!
Hi, @techlyser_web, Thank you for the response. However, the code just made the font size smaller inside the banner (which is not what I was looking for); rather I needed to reduce the gap (black space) under the text and make it slide automatically ...
Hi there, I need help resizing this ribbon on our website (,  on mobile devices as the desktop variant looks okay, but it has a bit of a padding below the text on mobile phone. Also, can it auto-scroll without people having to scr...
Hi, Thank you for the solution. I wanted the whole button to be removed.
Thank you very much! This is exactly what I wanted!
Hi Mrashid, Thank you for the solution, It worked as expected; however, the fonts and the form box outline look a bit off, is there any way to match the Login page style for the registration page?Image for reference:  Also, it would be amazing if the...
Hello, There is a small navigation icon/button at the end of the slides on both mobile devices and desktops, I want to remove them altogether and join the two columns without the whitespace in the middle. How can I do that?Link: https://fitnessnbalan...
The login and register pages don't match design-wise even after updating both pages with custom codes of a similar kind. I want the register page ( to look like the login page, (
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