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Hello everyone.Thanks to Summer Edition 2024, it's now possible to automate the app subscription process without using the Billing API. how can I use this functionality in development mod...
I realized that I can pass the calculated trial days to the function for remix.await billing.require({      plans: [plan],      isTest: true,      trialDays: calculatedDays,      onFailure: async () => billing.request({ plan: plan, isTest: true, tria...
Hey, everybody!I don't know where to turn, so I'll write here. I would like to get clarifications from the developers of Billing API.1. In the documentation on using billing API for remix it seems to be a mistake, lineItems is specified as an array, ...
Thank you so much!Could you please tell me more, in Shop GraphQL object there is a field “plan.partnerDevelopment”. This field will return true for all development stores, right?My goal is to make the app free for development stores, but require subs...
Thanks for the reply.Are there any documented values for the “plan_name” field?What values can I get there. The documentation gives the value “affiliate” for development stores, but my development store returns “partner_test” as in your reply.
Hello. Could you please tell me what payload the SHOP_UPDATE webhook returns. Which Shop object can I use (GraphQL or REST) and how can I identify development stores and paid plans in the payload of this webhook?
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