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Sorry but It's not working. I want to do exact like an image how can i do it
How to have exact this type of buy with Gpay button like in below image? Store:  
Thanks for help but is there any simpler method 沈
Ok what you wanna know?
How can i show here dot effect instead of numbers and arrowsStore: 
How can i change animation of moving product images currently it is simple slide.Can we do something like fade effect or transition without visible sliding.
While seeing product images it shows extra number means total images are 3 but it shows 4. How can i fix it ?I think this happened when i applied full screen product images code Store link: 
Thanks it changed but for border should i remove none and enter hex code like above?
Hey Colour is not changing 
I want to put hex code can you pls give a code in which i can write hex code instead of colour name 
How can i change variant pill colour from this black colour to some other hex code i put. And Remove the word Size  Store link:
Thanks it's better but it is not like second image i mentioned in post if there is way to do that pls tell me otherwise it's also good thanks for help.
Not like that it cropped my left side of image and there is space in right side when we scroll.Can we something like it automatically adjusts according to photo dimensions.And why image quality reduced ?It should be like original image.Is this possib...
Can we something like only the image i upload pop-ups when we click on Size Chart.Currently the image is small and some blank area is around it.I Want to remove that black space(marked with red colour) and also the Size Chart text part that i marked ...
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