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Thanks, managed to sort now at the expense of a tiny amendment. 
Thanks, I think i made quite some changes that it will then screw with other edits i made, which i now can't recall. Any idea which change i made myself would have impacted it. 
Yes but it's hidden from nav on purpose. Can also see with this test product -
Hi Dan , sure, thank you. 
On this product page, you'll see you can add to cart before you dropdown, but second you select an option it won't allow you to add to cart or press the button. If i change in theme editor the pills , then t...
I changed back when didnt work, but now removed again... 
thanks for help - tried remove 'sizes' line from this file in code but nothing changed/worked - or did i misunderstand? 
Hi,  On product pages, the preview image of the image on the product page is very low res- when you click it, it's fine. Any idea how to resolve. I've followed shopifys guide to the resoltions i should be using.  Link -
Anyone able to help on this?
As it's a shopify free theme, this is something they do not extend their support on -  if you're able to offer any further insight into the issue would be greateful. Thanks. 
Thanks. Now if i dropdown to 2 hours for example, it now shows as sold out (even though it has stock assigned to all variants), then when i refresh page, it's on 2 hour variant by default and works, which isn't ideal. 
I added a gift card product to this page - - and as you can see there's "0/1" there for some reason, it relates to an product image i assume but i don't want one. Any idea how i get rid of these numbers?
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