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Hi, Protoman44! The link are the first mensage first message I sent. But , I already solved the problem. Thank you very much for your attention !!!!
I want a code so that when my clients click the slides on my website they are directed to that specific sale/link. Understand?  
Hi! A need help for create a shortcut to my sales only touch my slides from my website.  The acces for my website to see better what I want. I will appreciate any kind of help :).URL: avvoyer.comPassword: seipra
Sorry, but I made a mistake on my question. The description is working, but I can't put diferent description related with each product  at the collapsble row on the default product. 
Hi! In settings of my website at Orders > Products I put diferencts descriptions for each product. But, when I go to my website every product has the same description.   Here is the site for check and get better informations.URL: avvoyer.comPassword:...
Hi @bundler-marko Your code is working, but it's influencing on other pages. I sugest you look the code from @Made4uo-Ribe  at top side at the page. It works a website specific part without to influence other pages. 
Hi @Made4uo-RibeThanks for the code. That part of "specific collection" really help me. It works perfectely  
Hi @PageFly-Henry I get the code with @Made4uo-Ribe  before use yours' code and I get what I want. I will send you a picture for you to see how it works at my website:Even so, I'm thankful for you attention. CYA!
One picture for makes an ideia about what I'm talking.URL: avvoyer.comPassword: seipra 
Thank you so much! I will see it at my weebsite. Soon, I will give you a fedeback. 
Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu I forgot put the URL, I'm sorry about that. So, I don't know if it is the problem. Can you see  for me?URL: avvoyer.comPassword: seipra
I forgot . Here it is.URL: avvoyer.comPassword: seipra 
Hi! How to autoplay video at the main page?URL: avvoyer.comPassword: seipra 
Hi! I can't fix that problem  . When I go to my website and click for more informacions at the product aren't compatible with the informacions at I put in the shopify. I tried delete the repeated description from the original product and didn't chag...
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