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I am trying to speed up the announcement bar on the shopify Dawn theme as I only have one word per line. I have located the announcement-bar.liquid under edit code. I have changed the following code: {"type": "range","id": "change_slides_speed","min"...
Hi, I've added the following to the order confirmation email code so my customers can see the compare at price of each item. However if they order multiple quantities of the same item, I would like it to multiply by the quantity. The same as the fina...
Hi. Thanks for the reply. I don't understand what you mean. Would you be kind enough to give me an example?
Thanks!How would I make the collection list the same width please?
Hi. I am new to coding and I have inserted the below code into custom liquid on the home page <p style="text-align: center;"><video style="max-width: 100%; outline: none; height: auto;" id="vid" preload="auto" controls="controls" poster="https://cdn....
I cannot upload a picture file 
I would like to add the compare at price to my customers confirmation email with a line crosses through it so my customers can see on there emails they have bought a sale item. Does anyone have any knowledge on how to do this.  Below is the email HTM...
Wanting to remove the SKU Column please
Hi. Does anyone know how to remove the column SKU from the order page in the customer accounts on the Dawn Theme? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please see example
Thank you for your reply. Is there a way to make the table grid invisible or centre the images so they look better? Again
I would like two pictures to be displayed side by side in the page content rather than one below the other on the desktop. The URL is Can anyone help me with this? Many Thanks
Store URL is
It appears to have messed up the layout on a mobile device, do you know how to resolve this? you 
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