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Thank u Kalen,  the special characters are what the used theme requires. appreciate your sharing and pro guidance.  
As u see, i have one product with many tags, one of them is " '- tag__sale_Coming Soon "(*As below pictures show ).This flow is designed for "every day the flow check if any product‘s status is active and inventory >0,  especially has one specific ta...
Thank u Paul, you are a pro. I have spent 2 weeks on this flow, to test and change. If i understand correctly, only the fulfillment event trigger works on this flow, right? i really appreciate what u did.
I cannot get your point, all orders on shopify can show the updated tracking info., and the documents also suggest to replace the trigger, if not, why waste time on it? 
I created a flow to inspect the fulfillmentDisplay Status, once it showed "ATTEMPTED_DELIVERY", then sent an internal email to notify my staff to remind our customers.From Shopify official document, it says that "The Fulfillment event created trigger...
Update:Amount is currently not available with PaymentTerms > PaymentSchedules. The amount criteria is with the "Order paid" trigger. It would start with totalReceivedSet > presentmentMoney > Amount.Essentially, since your goal is to send an internal ...
An error here - ""someVariable" is invalid. Replace this variable."
Thanks u, i will try it, and others you said are valuable for me too.
As below picures show, i'm trying to "Get Order Data", then "add order tags", when PaymentTerms -> PaymentSchedules of the order are less than or equal to 0. So i can know when the customer paid the overdue payment and how many days the customer dela...
No exactly, i want to check if that lineItems has a quantity of 2 or moresame items, like 2*Specter-ST-Black (SKU of item sample).Thanks for ur answer.
Sometimes the customer purchased 2 or more same items, like the "Specter-s" ebike, SKU: SPECTER-S-19-MB. Someone bought 2 above ebikes and other accessories, then he contacted us that he needed to cancel one of ebikes because he repeated purchasing t...
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