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@tim sorry but I lost you :). I'm not too expert.Where should I insert and replace the CSS you suggest? Do I need to update the liquid theme? I can't find the CSS rules for @font-facethank you again! 
@Sweans I've followed a tutorial, I've added as a file and create a custom font section with a code.
@tim it will work if I add those here? I can't find @font face in the theme liquid.thank you!! 
Thank you @Sweans but does this also work if I want to identify specific words? and how to identify that I want to apply the other custom font, the right italics?
Thank you @tim looks very helpful. Where exactly do I need to insert this code to ensure the custom fonts are applied correctly? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!Thanks 
Hi everyone,I’m having trouble with my Shopify theme and custom fonts.I’ve uploaded two custom fonts: GT ALPINA LIGHT and GT ALPINA LIGHT ITALIC.When I try to italicize a word within a paragraph or title, it automatically applies a faux italic style ...
HI @oscprofessional Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I've inserted the code as instructed, but nothing has changed.Am I missing something?Looking forward to your guidance.
Thank you Paul for the reply! I see that, but for example the first images is full width, while the second and the third have different width now. It's a problem of size of images?
Thank you Paul, the description margin is functioning correctly now.However, still not working with adjusting the width of the images.Regarding the side drawer customization, I understand it's more advanced, but could you also assist with the initial...
I've tried also with the /  but still 
Thank you @PaulNewton for the support. I attempted to add the code to the CSS of the product page, but nothing changed or took effect. Am I missing something? 
Hi everyone,I'm building my own website and would like to customize my product page, thanks in advance!Here is the link to my actual website: are the specific changes I would like to implement:Product Image DisplayAdjust the w...
Hello,I am building my new website using the Minimalista theme and need assistance with styling the newsletter sign up form. At the moment I have the signup looking like this: but I want to remove the subscribe button and stilize the form like the im...
Hello community,Thank you in advance for the support! I am building my new website using the Minimalist theme and need assistance with styling the buttons globally. Specifically, I would like to, change the size of all buttons and adjust the outline ...
hi @Moeed I was wondering if you had a chance to chech that! thank you! 
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