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Id say your step 2 to me looks incorrect. Am i correct in saying that mate. 
I now have this code all up in the bottom of theme.css. - Still background is white. @media screen and (min-width: 641px) {.cookie-bar__inner {display: flex;align-items: center;justify-content: space-between;padding: 20px 30px 20px 25px;background: c...
Hi mate, Ive changed the codes to all above and the bar and text has all gone white. Have no idea whats wrong but the code looks all good.
Appologies for late reply. thanks heaps for the help  . How would we change the text to white on the left in banner.  Not the Button in black and white. Just the text on the left. As if we change to Crimson, the text and the Privacy click through wo...
Thanks mate, greatly appreciate your help. Worked a treat 
Thanks mate, greatly appreciate your help  
Hey guys, we are looking at removing a page title from a page. So in the sample below youl see the page title "Our Packaging" , we would like to remove it on this page only as looks tacky. Any ideas? Page to find with the title - https://www.kiburi.c...
Hiya, seems to be some confusion from previous post. We are looking at changing the Background of our Pop Up. Not the Cookies bar, the popup that tries to get people to sign up. Any ideas how we can add our own background to the Pop Up  . Our site i...
Wandering we would like to add our own artwork as the background in Popup section. Anyone have any ideas if this is possible. Our store is 
Wandering if we can add a image that spans the entire width of a page as per sample below. The image wont be large in height, just in width like below. Does anyone know the code to add the image and best sizes for this. Cheers   Also whats the code ...
Thanks mate, that worked a treat  
Can you add a image so it sits behind the text in the Newsletter banner and covers the entire grey rectangle only area? 
Awesome, that fixed it, thanks mate  , greatly appreciate it 
In the Footer my image seems to repeat itself. I also have the do not repeat snippet in theme.css aswell. Do I need to resize the photo? Doesnt seem to be anywhere size recommendations for Footer image in my theme Warehouse for the footer. 
Thanks heaps for your help mate  muchly appreciated 
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