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Where exactly should I add the first code? Number 2 - worked perfectly 
Hello. I need help with 2 things. Website:orchi.comPW: orchi-com  1- Video TextI added a video using custom liquid to get it to autoplay. However, I want to add text and a button on top of the video. Please see the example below.My video:  I'd like t...
This worked! Thank you. 
This doesn’t change anything on my end. also want to state that I want the whole thing including text on the right side, and image on the left side to be full width PW: mewfru
How do I make this full width? 
Both solutions worked perfectly. Appreciate your prompt attention to this. Thank you! 
This is great! This worked on desktop version. However, how do I update it on mobile as well? 
DAWN THEME   Any one knows how to change the font of the header menu? Please see the photo for reference
Using DAWN theme  The product images are blurry on the product page. How do I change that? Everything looks fine once you are in the the indiviual product listings.   
That's it! This worked wonders. Thank you, much appreciated. 
@ProtoMan44 This definetely worked! But I do need to readjust it a bit. I need to be slightly smaller on mobile and slightly bigger on desktop. Which settings should I adjust to fix this? 
Hi @ProtoMan44 Well, good question. I am no expert on this, so if there's a better / easier solution for this then please feel free to let me know. 
Thank you very much. Where would I paste this code?
DAWN THEME  Added a video as a custom liquid (to make the video autoplay) at the top of my page.  I need help readjusting the size of the video both on desktop and mobile.  Website: Login: orchi-com  The video is too big on dekstop, and...
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