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Hello, I am using showtime template and I would like to change the background text of the slideshow. If I activate the background text, it covers the complete image showing it all with a semi-transpa...
Hello, How do I create an anchor link (link inside the same page) ? Thanks for your help.
I am trying to delete all the tags from some products, when I select the product, go to bulk actions, delete tags, press apply, and when I go to the product the tags are there, am I missing something...
Hi, I am wondering if the tags that are added to the products has to be words or it can be phrases. I imported items from etsy and they came with tags but the phrases are showing with _, for example ...
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Hello all, I updated the theme from minimal to dawn, and since I started getting google errors pic:https://ibb.co/MNvWfp8 Google says to contact shopify, shopify says they have no clue. How can I fix this? I imported the code from minimal theme.liqui...
Hi there you find these codes in the theme.liquid they are on top, and you need to add them to the new theme's theme liquid, in the same place. I hope this makes sense
Thank you, could I have it fixed instead of a parallax?
I would like to add a background image on newsletter section on homepage ? Thankswebsite https://printabls.myshopify.com/password 1
I added a background color to the menu on desktop, but it is showing a white space on the right and on the left, how do I remove the space and make it all one block? Thankswebsite https://printabls.myshopify.com/password 1 image for referencehttps://...
Muhammad Sufyan Sikanderstop spamming sending unsolicited messages, it was a question on the forum, if you can help you can answer here, we do not require any of your help
 I would like to  hide the top banner from mobile, but still seen on desktopcan you help?
Hi all.How do I add color swatches in Dawn 11 using metafields?Thanks
the billing seems to be fine and it does have a valid subscription, anything else that could be causing this issue?
Hi, I am trying to edit on website https://e72434.myshopify.com/but the theme editor gives me this error with every theme I install (old and new), how can I fix this? I have been trying to contact support but the new support robot appart from being u...
I added social media icons to header in dawn theme 10.0, desktop version, but how can I make the distance between cart and facebook the same as the other icons? website https://blessedfashion1.myshopify.com/password fashionpic for reference https://i...
Hi,for website ionianboat2boat.servicespassword 1everytime I add a product to cart it opens a cart summary, how can I remove this? I want to add to cart but to not open the cart page everytime I add a product to cart. Thank you
Hi all, I have this websitehttps://ionianboat2boat.servicespassword 1image of cart with note:  I have enabled notes in cart, but I would like to have 4 fields intead of just one, how can I do this? Thanks for your input.
Thank you, it looks a bit blurry and it looks very bad on mobile, could it be done only for desktop?
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