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Bio: Systems Engineer & eCommerce Expert, Founder of Pasilobus platform built for Shopify.

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Hey everyone, I cannot see the solution for adding converter to Boundless theme ------- Select currency on homepage and then go to above link. Tried bunch of things but cannot see it, has...
Hello guys, I am trying to replace the product page of the theme season's with the product page of the theme radiance. Actually I am not trying to replace it. The variant pictures on the product pag...
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Hi there,It seems like the app is no longer supported and has been delisted  from the app store, but still available for installation. Here is the link to reinstall the app:
you can request a refund for the label you printed and recreate. when creating the the label, make sure to specify number of packages as 10 and Shopify will generate 10 labels with the same tracking ID.
shopify theme blocks are responsive and have specific pixel requirements. Resizable bammer module would not be responsive to all devices hence this feature is not part of the platform.
Hey there, Please reach out on our website and we can help. (see below) Best,
it is not clear what may have gone wrong or which code you used to do this. The best way would be to customize the related theme blockto have URL endpoints so that there will not be any need tomodify styling or layout.
this may not be as straightforward as it seems, unless you are familiar with Shopify's theme schema's and liquid, it is hard to explain in a short forum post. In essense you would want to create the code from scratch along with customtheme settings, ...
I would not recommend you to make all information fit into a single line as it can cause problems on mobile. It will be better to use default design though vendor value can be added next to product title's
You can try "Payout" reports. Also Quickbooks connector apps in Shopify app store has built-in settings that can help you reconcile your payment processor fees.
this pop-up looks like coming from an app that you have installed. Not all apps are co trollable from theme settings. You may want to review all apps and see which one injects this to your store.
Sounds like you may need to modify your code to make it look right. Please reach out on our website and we can assist with this. 
ask customer to add the item to the cart again and start over. It is not possible to edit details at checkout unless you are on Shopify Plus
you can create a metafield to store this value. The  with the help of some custom code, we can use this value to create a hyperlink in your storefront.
Looks like theme might have a responsiveness glitch. What is the link of the page?
gif icons will render slow. it is best to use svg icons and you can resize them as you like without any quality issues.
I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you're facing with your online store, It's great that you have an established audience on YouTube and a blog with significant organic traffic, but it's clear there are some issues that need...
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