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Same here, I now must use a pdf editor to correct the Shopify paperwork. Could try a third party mail service. Shopify was much better before. 
I sell a bbq product. The export should give ORDER#, EMAIL, DATE, PAID and 20 other columns of data. Of 560 orders, 60 orders are missing all data except ORDER# and EMAIL plus a couple others. There is no record of BUYER, ADDRESS, FULFILLMENT, AMOUNT...
I have a product "T3" with 5 variants, I recently created a second product "T3 Wholesale" with 5 variants. I want to filter by TYPE in 'Sell-through rate by product'. As far as I can see the product profiles are identical with the exception of title ...
I have to agree, something has changed. I was using the website to text (sms) a sales notification to my own phone. Email to SMS worked for several years but stopped earlier in the year. It worked great (phone number@phone company) and I do not want ...
I would also like to have "delivered" status included in the filters, you have Open, Archived, fulfilled etc. How hard is it to include shipping status or at least as a searchable field? Manually updating orders seems unnecessary, but I really like S...
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