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Does clicking on fulfill automatically capture the payment? Since noticed the fraud I was able to stop the shipment and retrieve the goods but am not sure if I charged the victim CC? How do I know? I...
I am wondering if there is a way to have Shopify automatically change my channel from Local Inventory or POS, to a Drop Shipping channel such as Oberlo when my local inventory runs out. That way a cu...
I typically use a single shipping source for a product and would like to find a way to turn off the drop down for Ships From. I am using the Minimal theme and Oberlo. I have searched in the product.l...
I feel bad that some (a lot) of my drop ship items are not warehoused in the US. So I put in the description of those items "Ships From: China". Maybe I have over thought this? Should I just leave it...
I am trying to overide some products but cannot easily determine which app they were sourced from (Oberlo, Modalyst etc). Is there a way to turn that column on in my display?
I am trying to overide some products but cannot easily determine which app they were sourced from (Oberlo, Modalyst etc). Is there a way to turn that column on in my display?
I am finding items in AliExpress but cannot get the information over to Oberlo the same way I can with Modalyst. Any ideas (besides the obvious of using Modalist?) Thanks Joro
Anyone experience this? I have a whole list of products that are not approved becuase they either suggest nudity or in one case a pair of shorts seems to have triggered non-approval as a dating servi...
I have just launched my site using Oberlo for drop shipping and noticed that depending on the size or color or shipping origin of an item the price will not always be what is shown in my store. I typ...
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Hello, I have been trying to change my bank account information for 1 year+. I received a message that my payouts failed. The strange part is that there is nothing wrong with my bank account. Now when I click on manage->change bank account the page j...
I am trying to format my header text so that it is small and does not take up lots of rows in the header. Attached are the admin screen shot and then what the customer see's. It is testament theme but in the Admin there are no formatting options for ...
Hi, Screenshot below: 
I am using Testament Theme and am getting a strange product display. I have color and size variants for the product in grey and white. The white has one item left in inventory in size 2XL. But the white dot is crossed out with a red X and it says sol...
I am trying to use the techniques found here in the community discussion to print an inventory list to use for doing a periodic inventory. However not all the products show in my inventory that are in my products listing. Any thoughts?
I chatted with Tech Support. Apparently I had to go into Settings->Location->mylocation->uncheck the box "Ship from this location".  See Screen Shot. That solved my problem.
I have also noticed a difference in the product listing between Oberlo and Modalyst and how the inventory is listed: 
Here are two screen shots. When I change the option for Shopify to NOT track inventory then the customer can purchase. So this seems to be a theme related problem with the Debut theme?
I am importing using Modalyst and Oberlo. The Modalyst items are imported and immediately show up as "sold out". I read a previous post about clearing cache etc but this is showing on different devices and browsers. Even in my Shopify store the inven...
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