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Bio: Started Webcetera in 2015 and a couple of years later Webcetera UK Ltd. We focus our e-commerce work using Shopify (some WooCommerce websites too). We...

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Our client sells cushions as either a Cover-only or Cover+Pad (pad being the infill) and wants to list this as a single product while retaining stock/inventory control of each component individually....
I read in a theme change log that they’ve opted for straight CSS as SASS is planned to be deprecated by Shopify. However, I can’t find any info on this or what potential impacts there might be as a r...
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We didn't submit for removal, rather we wait for Google to re-crawl. Once Google crawls a 404 often enough it will remove it automatically. There should be no SEO harm to this, but we still are finding some and leaving them to resolve themselves. 
Hi. You might want to have a view of this. It’s been a known issue for a while (we’ve had urls with variations of this, some have wpm@). I think the above post ...
Thanks. I’ve found the url paths for tags and looking at the html of a small selection, seems all have been canonicalised to the route product. So, seems all ok on that front. AlsoGoogle Search Console isn’t showing any of these indexed, another bonu...
We’re supporting a Shopify 1 themed site whose original devs used utility tags for filtering. Now we’re re-theming and upgrading to a Shopify 2 theme taking advantage of storefront filtering and metafields.  We can convert all of the utility tags (e....
We are developing two sites for a client - one of which is Shopify and is live, the other a non-Shopify site which is still in development.They require a small subset of the blog posts published on the Shopify site to be migrated across to the new no...
If you require a tip/donation larger than the percentage limitation, perhaps using the standard product functionality would be a better option.This way you could create a product that was titled "Donations" with relevant graphics. If this was for a l...
Has anyone used Zapiet's Store Pickup + Delivery and managed to configure it so that it only activates on a small set of products?Basically, our client will be selling the majority of products in a traditional way - order 24/7 and delivery 2 to 3 day...
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