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I would like to reorder all of the variants in my Necklaces category. For now it comes up with 16" as the first option, but I would like all of them to switch to 18" first. Is this possible or do I h...
I have a handful of sales reps who are starting to use apps to write orders, and they need a product image for each sku to put into their wholesale apps. I'd love to just download them all in bu...
Every now and again, a customer is unable to log in to our site after setting their password. After troubleshooting, I think the problem is that their password is too long. Is there a maximum allowed...
I have been searching the forums and tweaking my template for an hour and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to change the font in my order printer template! Why is this so hard!? Can someon...
I'm having an issue with my mobile theme - the slideshow loads fine, but the links do not work. They aren't work on my desktop preview or on my phone. Is there something I'm missing? My shop is:...
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That doesn't work - the order number is not on the gift card. 
Same problem here! I can find products in collections, but they don't show up on search. It's very strange.
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