Does anybody know if there’s a way to use checkout extensions (Checkout UI) to seamlessly log a customer in with multipass? We’d like to have customer auth with an SMS or email code then then lo...
Hi all, How is it possible, using Shopify APIs, to have a Shopify app create and edit gift cards? I understand that there's a Gift Card API and we have been using it:
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B2B price catalog also seems to set the compare_at_price to null when trying to retrieve with liquid code even though it's set in Shopify on the variant
Agreed. Without this how is a wholesale store supposed to show the discount from MSRP that the buyer is getting?
This is especially bad and revenue-impacting for businesses offering jewelry engravings, iphone case etchings etc which rely on line item properties to contain the customer name. These orders are now coming through without the line item properties. R...
Just submitted a ticket to Partner Support with steps to reproduce and an outline of the issue. Will post here if I hear anything.
Same. This is causing all kinds of issues for us with line item properties being missing. As somebody else mentioned the request to the checkout from a buy button now looks like this with a base64 encoded URL param:
I am doing the same (removing and re-adding item without selling_plan).What's the process for surfacing this as a request to be included in change.js?
I'd like to move over and ditch cookies.What's the process for apps that are developed on Node using this configuration: this mean we get rid of koa-shopify-auth entirely? What...
This would be great to finally have resolved. The original thread requesting this is from 2013. At the time Shopify said their engineers were working on it.Does anybody from Shopify monitor these forums? Would be great to know where this stands now a...
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