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Bio: over 24+ years in Web. We know how to make your website rank and get more leads and sales...just reach out for a free consultation.

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I'm editing a theme at the moment and noticed that Shopify is adding the Product tags as META KEYWORDS in the source code. I DO NOT want that to happen. I've tried a few edits, but the...
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Do you think you could perhaps provide a screenshot to illustrate, or perhaps a link to a tutorial? 
Glad to have helped a little, Eva.  I followed you on Insta, maybe follow back to keep in touch? it's @PeakDistrictSEO
So I looked at your website, I haven't looked at your Etsy Store yet.   The first thing to say is that if your business is doing well on Etsy or other platforms, you'd do well to invest in a proper website here.  Obviously, small businesses, start wi...
Dont worry. Your products are amazing! Would you like me to offer a quick and dirty critique with pointers about what to do with the website?
Hi, are we talking about this website?
Ok sorry, I was a bit off-topic with my responses, Thinking more about the FORUMS part than your actual journey.  Congratulations on what you achieved. It's a similar story to my own. Just goes to show what you can do with a bit of drive!  Keep going...
Is there a way to remove the Collections directory in the URL structure?  It's my bugbear with Shopify.  It just adds another, and in my opinion unnecessary step to the URLs.  Why not have rather than
EmmanuelFlossie  yeah, I meant how do you moderate?  I'm kinda old school I like a forum with a bit of banter as much as the next person, but what I'm really looking for is "information". The hair on the back of my neck stands up when people say RTFM...
I've always found community forums to be a fantastic resource and a great way of keeping a community. Moderation can be tricky though...any tips on that?
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