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Bio: Maulik Shah is the founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast growing app and extension store for various technologies. He writes about multiple aspects of e...

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Hey,To create a communication between your Shopify public app and your software, you'll need to follow these general steps: Create a Shopify public app: Start by creating a public app in your Shopify Partners account. This will provide you with API c...
Hello!Absolutely, there are ways to show buyers an estimated delivery or shipping date based on their zip code. One option is to utilize the Delivery Date and Shipping Rates app for your website, which provides this functionality. The Delivery Date a...
Hello! I'm glad to hear that you're looking for ways to make your week easier. I can definitely help you with some app recommendations that can assist you with your pre-orders and order management. Here are some suggestions: For automating the proces...
Hey @edgeIT, Have a look at this App! This might help you!  
The process of removing the preferred delivery date functionality depends on the specific app or platform you are using. However, I can provide you with general guidance on how you can remove the preferred delivery date feature. App Settings: If you ...
Hey,I hope you are doing good! Well, I can provide you with some insights into what merchants generally value in an order tracking solution and what factors may affect their decisions when choosing one. Here are some common considerations:Real-Time T...
Hey! @mohamed2001, To display the AliExpress delivery date to your customers on your Shopify store at the time of checkout using the "Delivery Date and Shipping Rates" app, you can follow these steps:Install the "Delivery Date and Shipping Rates" app...
Hi, @bill-sdg I have one suggestion for you! You can create an app called "Image Optimizer". This is the most trending and most needed app now-a-days so you can go forward with it. I Hope this helps! Good Luck!  
Hi, Yes, there is software that does this and that kind of software exists. Our Delivery Date Manager app provides an intuitive backend to help you stay on top of your customer's orders. Besides selecting a delivery date and time for customers, our d...
Hi, I have an app through which you can solve your above problem. Let me introduce you to the app which I am talking about here. Optimize images and various attributes like alt tags and file names to fit the store, increase loading speed, and enhance...
Hi, @Jen79 !There is an app that will help you to solve your problems regarding bulk orders. Let me introduce you to an app that will help you for your fulfilling the customers' needs. Expand your Shopify store’s efficiency and customers’ experience ...
Hi, I have an app that best describes your problem. Shopify Delivery Date Manager is the app that I am talking about. With the use of this app, you can solve the above problem.  You can use it and give it a try! Hope this helps!
Hi, I have a solution to your problem where the currency rates are updated manually, without the use of Shopify Payments. Yes, there is an app that already exists with a solution to your problem. Geolocation + Currency Converter is an app that is the...
Hi, @jerome-sj I have a suggestion for you. I have one app which will help you with the Announcement Bar and Free Shipping Bar. CommerceXpand: A Bundle Of 25+ Shopify Apps is the app I am talking about. There is an app called Announcement Bar that is...
Hey! @zsemberi I have a shopify app for you to solve your problem. Here it is: this helps!
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