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I came here just to comment everything you just stated! This is very irresponsible of Shopify and now it’s the middle of February! No one has time for an audit because the numbers aren’t matching plus Trevor stated that Shop installments fees aren’t ...
Okay this makes more sense now because I’m always in the cycle and justwanted to check to see about other stores.
I received new offers at my 50% but not great ones, only up to $5800 with 17% remittance on sales. I never go over 14% but they did give me options to review. My contact person is out on paternity leave until November 1st so I would have to contact t...
Wow! Maybe they don’t have any capital to offer but I was definitely hoping there will be some for the holidays. My contact person is Joe Fazzali. I’m at 49% and will be at 50% Paid off capital, which is my eligibility requirement, by tomorrow and I’...
Did you reach out to Shopify Capital so they can push out offers? I usually have a main contact that I email.
Did your sales slow down during this period?
What original offer amount did you receive? I usually see offers at 50%, I’m at 49% now. The offers have gotten smaller, my last offer was $10K with 10% sales remittance but I usually receive offers for $18K with 14% remittance.
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