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Is there a way to limit the tags that show on the side bar of a certain category? For example, I sell romantic products. Items that have hearts and that are red or pink, I have tagged with Valentine ...
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I agree. I'm an adult. I don't need Shopify to "protect merchants from being overcharged" on shipping. I need a platform with what should be a simple option. Shopify, please fix this!
Thank you. As you said, I am not interested in having a quantity. I'm not tech savvy. I got as far as adding the true/false meta field as you suggested.  I found the product.liquid page. I do not know how or where to input the true/false information....
I use a drop shipper. Their inventory status is not compatible with shopify so and I do not keep a live track of their inventory on my site. When they let me know something is unavailable, I schedule availability for that product for when it is due b...
I actually did that before I posted here on the forums and they were not able to help me. I was told there was no way to have a single flat rate if products were being fulfilled by two different drop shippers.  I thought maybe you knew a special knac...
Hello! I think that is how I have it set up. Would you be willing to take a look at it? Thank you!
This seems to be a common problem. Has anyone written code to fix the problem that could be added on the back end to change the shipping functionality?
Thank you. Are you aware of any apps that do not require you to be connected to the live carrier rates? Fulfillment emails are sent to the warehouse. They package and ship the product, then send me an invoice for the amount. Most of the apps seem to ...
Hello! Thank you for replying. I did not see any workarounds in the page link you sent that applied to the question. Did I miss something? Thanks.
I charge $8.99 flat rate shipping  or free shipping on orders of $100 or more. I use one drop shipper (fulfillment service). I recently added another drop shipper(fulfillment service)  to add more variety to my inventory. Shopfiy is making me set up ...
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