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Hello, I'm looking to allow my customers to purchase ecards. I don't think there's an app that does this specifically, but I think I can accomplish it by giving a customzed url. So when they c...
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HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile('200 OK').setSandboxMode(HtmlService.SandboxMode.IFRAME);Have you tried this code? Not sure if it's any different but it works for me. Few other ideas- I used to use Shopify Admin > notifications, but now I create...
Seems this sovles my problem:   HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile('200 OK').setSandboxMode(HtmlService.SandboxMode.IFRAME);   
any help on this? I'm returning 200 OK as text in 0.5 second but its still deleting my webhook.
(Further proof)I sent a test post to my webapp using zapier and got this response which seems correct to me. Shopify seems to still be sendnig the same post multiple times. 
I am using this code in Google App Script to receive a webhook created in the Shopify Admin > NotificationsThe code executes in about 500 milliseconds. But I can see that Shopify is resending the post again because firebase is being triggered multipl...
BTW the issue was that I was sending them to the shop instead of product. This was evident in the responses I posted.
Sorry, I realized that those 30 were not from my api calls, but another app. None of the posts are going to the site. Any clue?
Found it in my theme.js. Thanks for the reply.
I am trying to post 100 metafields but only 30 show up.I get a response for each one, nothing seems wrong to me. But only the first 30 show up.Here is a response for one that was added[20-07-04 17:26:43:931 PDT] {"metafield":{"id":5410817802404,"name...
Hi all,I have been trying to edit the variant select code for the last hour, but I'm starting to think that the code is being replaced by some javascript that I don't know about. Main point is whatever I do to this code, it doesn't seem to show up on...
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