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Hi guys, I have just started building my site and running into a problem with Shopify product reviews app on minimal theme. The thing is that it looks very bad, because product reviews are under d...
Hi guys, I'm new to shopify and seem to have a problem with related products not showing up in my product page.
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Product variant picker works for a few clicks and then starts showing some random other variant images. Example page - try picking an art style here multiple times and oyu...
Hi, I am currently using Stripe and their fees combined with Shopify 3rd party payments processing fees are really eating into my profits. I've noticed that Shopify didn't add new countries for Shopify payments for almost a year. Can I have at least ...
Hi guys, I've been looking in the store but can't really find an app that would let me do this. Let's say I'm selling dog collars via this product page - I would like to make the base...
Ok, so My PageSpeed Insights went from 37 all they way up to 72. So a bit more optimizing left to do but this is actually great!I removed all the scripts that I don't need in head and also changed{{ content_for_header }}to this{% if page.handle = 'sa...
Ok,  So I realized that Shogun has its' own theme.shogun.landing.liquid which I just need to clean and somehow make it not load certain apps. If I find any <script> codes in Heading I just remove it and it works perfectly, my LP doesn't load HotJar a...
Hey Gina, Thanks so much for your help! I think this is something what I need. I found apps that are blocking me so badly, edited your code with links and pasted just under <head> in theme.liquidNow my code looks like this:  {% if page.handle contai...
Hey guys,A newbie question here. I am working on a store and would like to drive traffic to my landing page which should be as clean and fast as possible. So I built one with Shogun. the problem that pagespeed insights gives me a mobile score of only...
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