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I have a customer that needs to change his credit card information in his Shopify customer account. How can this be done? We looked and could not figure out how. Thank you, Lisa
How can I get the Date on the blog list to show the month and day, instead of the day of the week? We have about a dozen upcoming blogs, and all the Date tells us is "Monday" or "Wednesday." We need ...
Hi. We are trying to remove a former employees email address from our Google Search console. We get an error message when trying to unverify in order to remove. Any guidance on how to remove this ...
Greetings. We have a simple slideshow in Google that we would like to paste the HTML code into a page on our website. When we paste the code in, just a large blank space appears. What are we doing wr...
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Hi. I am having the same problem as your first screen shot. Did you figure out a solution yet? Thank you. Lisa 
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