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My 404s spiked upward on 7/1/23 also. Most being /wpm@ urls.On a good note, my indexed URLs are finally back where they should be afterall the spam and wpm issues that caused chaos starting last November. Myfirst 500 indexed page report only shows 3 ...
Hi Greg, Today I noticed https://mywebsite/search?q= spam urls are increasing. I was down in the 4K for indexed but it's rising again due to these so I've submitted a removal request until I hear from someone on this board to keep the numbers from sh...
Wow, things have really changed since I last looked at this! On 4-18-23 I was a t 2.37M not indexed 21.6K indexed. Today, 4-26-23, I'm at 961K indexed and 6.76 indexed. I haven't seen these low numbers since before the exploits began for me in late N...
I don't see an individual thread on this topic so I'm starting one. My indexed pages are jumping up again b/c I'm still getting pages indexed from search function exploitation. It appears in Google Search Console as something like this...yourdomain/s...

I'm seeing the same thing now as well. Thanks for the heads up @CarWireless
Hi @Greg-Bernhardt, Today in my Google Search Console I noticed the ?q=ChineseSpam at the end of one of my pages (not search and not vendors). I caught them in the "Alternate page with proper canonical tag" section. When I open the link I don't see a...
Thank you for this code. It did allow me to remove the Chinese spam language from the results page until the issue is fixed. 
Hi Greg, I've been a victim of the /collections/vendors?q= and /web-pixels-manager and now /search?q=. What is the status on a resolution on Shopify's end for /search?q= exploitation please? I currently have the following code in my <head> but the cr...
Your directions were easy to follow - thanks so much!
Thanks so much for these fixes!
I'm getting just a blank page when I open my web-pixels-manager@0.0.186/sandbox/pages/ listings in Google. Is that what Shopify intends to happen now with the fix in place? @Greg-Bernhardt mentioned in another thread that Shopify fixed it so the pixe...
Thanks @Alexis_Théry  for bringing this to my attention and showing us how to search to see if I'm effected. It did show up for me but only 3 instances on the same URL. Still not fully recovered from the collections/vendors?q= exploitation, this seem...
Hi @Greg-Bernhardt It's been 24 hours and my indexed spam pages are still not showing a 404 page. Should I be seeing a 404 page when I now open an indexed spam URL? Shopify is currently redirecting any indexed spam URL starting with
@Trevor this is GREAT news. I just tried on of my spammy links that are indexed and it displayed one of my main pages which is WAY better than just the page just showing a bunch of Chinese spam. Just wanted you to know it's not kicking a 404 page for...
Thanks so much @Allan-EP! I added it and previewed a spam URL. The collection title no longer shows but it shows up in my breadcrumbs. Is that good enough or do I need to find some code to get it not to show there as well?
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