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Hi all,I thought I was doing this correctly. I am trying to move this login to the top of the page to sit above the 'wholesale registration form' thought this code would work, am I placing it in the wrong ...
this is the code  {%- liquidassign reset_instructions_t = 'customer.login.reset_instructions_html' | tassign title_t = 'customer.login.page_title' | tassign email_t = '' | tassign password_t = 'customer.login.password' | tassign f...
Is it possible to direct me to that page?
Thank you however I dont quite understand where I find all this information?Is it under pages, wholesale?
HELP Does anyone know where I can find the code for my login form that was on my website, but has now disappeared? below section is missing  
I can only see the wholesale registration form
No the login in is not on the site, the registration form is but not the login section 
this is the page it should be on  
Im missing this?? 
Its not on the site though?
My login form disappeared on my website, I am trying to work out where this code should go. It has diasppeared from my wholesale page <div class="globo-formbuilder" data-id="{{section.settings.form_id}}"><...
Oh no I seem to have lost my form builder now??
Thank you Terence, very helpful.Any idea why there is an arrow?
Would it be this one, as I can't find the code you are relating to<div class="account--button-container"><buttonclass="account--sign-in"data-item="button"data-text="{{- sign_in_t -}}"value="{{ sign_in_t }}"type="submit"{% unless settings.transitions-... I am just unsure what code I am moving to put it at the top
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