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Anyone know of a way to filter orders by the staff who processed them? Or even by cash sales?Does anyone know if Shopify has ANY means of investigating losses at all?Surely I'm not the only one who would like to protect their small business and finds...
Doubtful. Basic functionality is either referred to a third party app or a "feature request" that you might see in 3 years. Maybe.
Add my name to the list x2. More BS responses from Shopify and empty promises at the expense of their customers. Looking forward to finding an alternative to Shopify.
Already paying for POS Pro for 2 stores. The stock adjustment report in Stocky shows adjustments made in Stocky using Stocky Stock Adjustments, that's it. 
No, of course it's just the usual "we'll submit a feature request" or, "there's an app to fix that bug or oversight on our part".
100%. That's exactly what I'm trying to determine right now. Have been for 6 months. I've made significant investments in adding inventory, and I can't see if it's being eaten up by overhead or if I have a shrinkage issue.This lack of information fro...
The sheer lack of support in Shopify for healthy inventory management practices is insane.Right now, staff can go into a product, make an inventory adjustment, then walk away with however much product they can carry.And business owners are left with ...
I'm in the same boat. Trying to look at adjustment history to see if staff have made adjustments I might not be aware of, or if I'm lucky, turn off the option for staff to make adjustments entirely.Still no luck.Inventory management on Shopify is the...
Welcome to Shopify, where most basic functionality is a paid option from 3rd party developers. 
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