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Hi, I'm really confused with Google Search Console, we haven't changed anything with a number of our products recently and now we have hundreds of product warnings (valid with warnings). I'm...
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I'd encourage everyone to keep posting spam index links, this gives everyone a chance to block these link hopefully before they get crawled. 
Do you have the full url? (don't need to include your website), as I've found it best to block them before my site gets crawled. 
Thanks for flagging new ones, as this gives us a chance to no index any such pages in advance. I'd implore everyone does this.
I've had nearly 400 visits from Singapore today! It get's weirder and weirder this topic!
Is there a list of all text affecting urls? This is what I've flagged and no indexed so far. Be good to add in any other text no so google doesn't index my pages if I'm affected by them. collections/vendors?q=web-pixels-manager@0.0.186/sandbox/wpm@0....
I'm not sure if this is helpful, so pls let me know if I've completely missed the mark here. I responded to this thread months ago when I first noticed google had indexed some "non pages" on our website. I simply added a "no index" to any pages which...
Download a no index app via Shopify and add in urls so that google does not crawl page. Then go to google search console and disavow any links.  Seems to be a common occurrence in recent months on Shopify.  
Many thanks to @thearchitect, really helpful. I tried contacting Shopify help and they were useless as usual. 
Anyone found a workaround at all? Seems like a huge flaw in the Prestige theme.
And you understand the question? Ie, one variant linking to another variant and not showing non applicable variants?
The theme isn’t live as we’re still populating it, so we’re currently on our existing theme (not Prestige). You think Prestige theme should be able to use more than one variants?
We have the latest version, it’s a real pain. Why would such a popular Shopify theme purposefully show sub variants that aren’t applicable, it’s just confusing 
We’re moving over to a new Shopify theme (Prestige) and we’re realised the product page functionality is limited. We primely sell rings and we often have various “centre stone options”, when one is selected we’d like the product page to only display ...
We're looking to move our checkout from Shopify payments to a third party payment provider, I'd love some feedback from anyone who has done this? Shopify do not offer the ability to link two bank accounts to our account, we want one in GBP and anothe...
Is it possible to list two bank accounts on our store so that checkout will direct you to one bank account for UK purchases and another for EU purchases?  I know it's not possible as standard feature, can we create a work around? Custom code to secon...
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