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Only OP can accept as solution I believe. @Olivia 
https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-apps/facebook-shop/m-p/2175144#M66707 The solution provided here helped me fix the issue.
confirming this solution worked for me.
I'm having the same issue. What I found in the documentation is that order printer does not have access to order.tags, which is why the code blocks above don't work. Were you able to find a fix?
Thank you so much! This worked perfectly. Been going back and forth with Shopify support for a week trying to fix this. 
I recently tried to use Slack within the Shopify flow app. The integration wasn't working properly, as i was receiving error messages when trying to run the automation. I deleted the flowbot app from Slack and tried to reinstall it. However, I can no...
I am having the same issue
i am having this same issue. talked to shopify support which was no help. the retail team kept telling me that i was adding the customer without the email prior to checking them out, which was not the case. i tested this with my own email address and...
i'm having this same issue.
Hi,We have local pickup enabled for our retail store and we have Route insurance auto enabled for shipping orders. Our customers have been choosing the local pickup option, but do not uncheck the box for the Route insurance (which is unneeded for a l...
Thank you!That code didn't work but this did: {% unless line_item.title contains 'Route' %} {% assign totalProductsOrdered = totalProductsOrdered | plus: line_item.quantity %} {% endunless %}This works for me because we'll never have a product...
Hi everyone!Our store uses Order Printer to print out the packing list for an order. We also use optional Route insurance that customers can use to protect their shipment.I'm trying to build something in our invoice that says "There are XX products i...
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