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Something we get asked quite frequently by our experts is: “how do I get more reviews?” This is not surprising considering reviews form the basis of trust for buyers in any type of marketplace set...
Hi Experts, We’re gearing up for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we’re excited to see how this community of experts will help merchants have a breakthrough BFCM. &nbsp...
The Experts Marketplace team is now in the early stages of inviting partners to join the Experts Marketplace. At Unite, we shared that we would be following up with partners in the Fall with more det...
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You got it!  The four pricing plans are just the most popular plans you want to put on display on the listing. Other pricing plans can be linked out in a pricing page and that's where you can also go into greater detail about the custom plan. If you...
Hey there,  Happy to see you're looking towards submitting your app to the Shopify App Store. There is indeed only place for a maximum of four pricing plans. I would recommend including your top four pricing plans (i.e. the most popular) in those sp...
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