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it is not better only give me the instructions here ?
Hello, yes I can make changes by myselft in code. 
Hello, I'm in need of collapsible FAQs, not like the standard ones offered by Shopify where only the FAQ content collapses, but rather a version where the entire section, including the questions and any accompanying images, can be collapsed. Do you k...
Hola pero tienes conexion con Sunat ?
Hola, podrías contactarme, yo necesito un facturador para Peru. envie email al correo que aparece en tu software. 
Hey thanks so much for the explain 
Hello, does anyone know why Shopify's robots.txt file blocks the search for the policies on the page? Is there a strategic or legal reason for this?For instance, is it to prevent future policy changes from being compared? Or is there another reason?I...
Hello everyone,I've been exploring various Shopify tracking solutions for some time, yet I haven't come across anything that effectively assists with marine shipments. Does anyone know of a system capable of tracking sea freight shipments, applicable...
Hello Malik, unfortunately, I still have the second problem, but since I have other higher-priority issues, I haven't focused on resolving it yet. However, it's on my roadmap to come back to it in a few days and try to solve it. It's difficult to fin...
Hi, is there an app that can compress the images in product descriptions? How do they achieve fast loading times for their product pages?
How about other browsers? I currently use Vivaldi, Opera, Brave, and Edge to update and manage my stores. I hope that if you test some of them, they can work
Hello, thank you very much for your response. I installed your application a few days ago, watched the support videos, and it seemed like it could work. However, once I started to create the process, I didn't know where to insert this form or the que...
Hello DanThanks so much for your help that really works. -but still some collections show the pagination error. but other 2 error is goneNow a few collections show Pagination sequence error, I need search about it. looks similar problem   
Hello ? you solve it ? it is 2023 and still same problem ? The only way is asking to customer later ? 
Well, you know that many countries require me to issue a receipt or an invoice for tax purposes to the customer, whether it's an individual or a company. This document requires the fiscal number known as RUT or DNI. Since I can't capture it at checko...
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